Planning for the “what-if’s??? of life is one of the most important things you can do to ensure you, your family and your business’s future well-being.  An integral part of this planning is selecting the appropriate insurance to protect your family, your possessions, and/or your business from loss.  Here at HM3 Insurance, LP, we strive to ensure all of our personal and business clients are well-advised in the insurance selection process, provided the best coverage for their unique situation, and serviced with the highest standards of client service.

HM3 Insurance, LP is a full service independent insurance agency located in Pittsburgh, PA.  As we strive to provide the best service, products, and options to each of our clients, we have forged a referral program with the Ron Dunn Agency and its affiliates.  This relationship allows our valued clients to leverage not only the expertise of HM3 Insurance, LP, but also the highly trained staff of the Ron Dunn Agency, who bring to the table a combined total of over 150 year of insurance industry experience.

At HM3 Insurance, LP, we believe our clients’ financial well-being and quality of life deserve personal attention, expert advice, and the highest level of dedication we can provide.  As your trusted partner in the insurance process, we help you make intelligent, informed decisions protecting you from the unexpected and planning for what you can expect.